Prices and booking

You can explore our rooms and pricing free of any obligation by pressing the Book Now button below. If you decide to book a room you can immediately do so on the next webpage in our booking environment. After booking the room is yours and you wil receive a confirmation by email. A Booking directly on our website will always give you the best price.

Children are welcome. Please note that a child is to be entered in our booking engine as one person/guest. We don’t have special prices for children.

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Payment and cancelation conditions: canceling a room free of charge is possible until 14 days before the date of check-in. To cancel a room please take contact by phone or email. If the room is canceled after this date you are obliged to make a full payment. We advice you to make arrangements for a cancelation insurance for unforseen circumstances.

Check Contact for our phone numbers and email adress.

Herberg Het Hart van Alem
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